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In a trustworthy balance with our customers, suppliers, and employees, we perform advanced Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), utilizing innovative production technologies, achieving sustainable growth and the highest quality levels.

PCB assembly

(Solid) Semecs, partner for Exceptional PCB assembly on an industrial scale, based in Uden, The Netherlands. Exceptional PCB assembly demands a high-quality production location; therefore, the production facility in Slovakia is fully equipped for PCB serial production.

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SERO is one of the top manufacturing service providers in the German EMS industry and a leading supplier of electronic assemblies. The production facility in Rohrbach has one of the market's most innovative, state-of-the-art machinery profiles and produces from 100.000 pieces to 1.000.000 pieces.

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EMS provider

Syncron is an industry leader in reducing manufacturing cycle times and providing rapid turnaround, based in Palm Bay, Florida, USA. The business model is based on a sustainable long-term commitment to superior quality and reliable deliveries for customers.

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Decarbonization strategy 

With a profound awareness of the crucial role companies play in reducing the global carbon footprint, SERO EMS Group is committed to taking tangible steps forward.

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We are united in knowledge, corporate values, and sustainable service. Consequently, one of our greatest strengths is our growing network of specialized EMS companies in Europe and the United States.


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